Purpose and Vision

Bringing healthcare professionals together to accomplish more

Continuum Health empowers physicians to do extraordinary things by capitalizing on the opportunities created through fee-for-service optimization and value-based payment initiatives.

Based on the belief that physicians will drive the kind of change necessary to improve the state of healthcare today, we help our clients improve their operations and connect with partners who foster effective growth. We do this without losing sight of the most important part of healthcare: helping to deliver high-quality care at low cost to improve the health and well-being of patients and patient populations.

Our team also collaborates with payers to help drive value-based adoption among providers and improve the health outcomes of patients.

To fulfill that purpose, we’ve developed a strategic vision based on three core tenets:

  1. Optimize the physician enterprise
  2. Capitalize on new payment opportunities
  3. Drive value for all stakeholders through strategic innovation

That vision runs across all we do, and serves as the platform upon which we help our clients thrive.