Enhance patient outcomes while growing practice revenue

Continuum’s CCM Solution maximizes your Medicare payments so you can focus on delivering high quality care

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) initiated their new Chronic Care Management (CCM) incentive in January of 2015, they made a significant new revenue stream available to providers. With the deluge of other requirements physician groups need to meet—from EMR implementation to Meaningful Use to ICD-10 compliance—taking advantage of this program can be burdensome.

The Continuum CCM Solution

Working with our existing physician partners, Continuum developed a comprehensive solution to take this burden off of practices and allow them to focus on delivering healthcare. We deliver the following to help maximize CCM incentive payments:


The Continuum model increases practices’ monthly revenue. For example, if 1,725 of your total eligible patient population participates, your practice has an opportunity for $27,600 in new revenue each month, or $331,200 each year.

Continuum’s CCM solution is designed to allow health care professionals to focus on the delivery of high quality patient care, without worrying about administrative and organizational issues. Together, we can positively impact the lives of chronic care patients and increase your overall revenue. To find out how your practice – and your patients – can benefit, download the materials found on this page.