Customer Business Solutions

Like any small business, physician organizations have a broad range of needs beyond their primary service: technology services, call center management, practice performance support, HR/payroll, finance and accounting, marketing, purchasing, training and compliance. It requires a delicate balance to ensure that all of those needs are managed without taking focus away from effective care delivery.

Continuum Health’s experts understand that balance. Part of our commitment to Better Business, Better Care is taking a comprehensive view of what it takes to help practices succeed. To that end, we provide a range of support services to ease the burdens of the day-to-day management of a practice, including:

Technology Support
  • Conduct site evaluation/surveys
  • Site design and implementation
  • Creation and administration of user accounts
  • Practice management and EHR technology platforms with more than 4,000 custom edits
  • Network maintenance
  • Management of centralized server infrastructure and database for Continuum applications
  • Management of data integrity and security
  • Data migration support
Call Center Management
  • Patient Call Center fielding 160,000 calls per year for billing inquiries and resolution with 99% service levels
  • Customer Solution Center assisting providers and practice staff with revenue cycle management and practice management application utilization
  • IT Help Desk ticketing platform to request information technology support with hardware and application issues.
Practice Performance
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Robust Practice Performance Management Reviews and Assessments
  • Routine Site Visits
  • Performance reporting with key performance indicators and recommendations
Human Resources
  • Benefits administration
  • Payroll platform and advising services
  • Malpractice and corporate liability insurance
  • Compliance plan, policies, and procedures
  • Hiring and recruiting
  • Employee relations & development
  • Cash management, including accounts payable, banking, credit line, and cash disbursements services
  • Financial statements and reconciliations
  • Analysis, reconciliations, and reporting
Marketing & Communications
  • Access to centralized communications experts
  • Assistance in developing long-term communications plans
  • Branding and market positioning services
  • Advisory on externally produced client websites and communications materials
  • Patient community outreach programs
  • Supply chain management services
  • Vendor contract negotiation and management
  • Group purchasing discounts through Continuum Buying Alliance
  • Provide Practice Management & EMR Application Classroom & Online Training
  • Create and maintain original training documentation
  • Manage tracking of all education initiatives through Learning Management System
  • Access to online industry leading content for various healthcare matters

Program development and guidance regarding:

  • Leadership Responsibilities
  • Workforce Use
  • Access Controls
  • Permitted Use and Disclosure of PHI
  • TPO
  • Medical Record Release
  • Patient Complaints
  • Device & Media Controls
  • Red Flag, Subpoena, Special Protection Sanctions
  • Payment Policy
  • Training Enforcement