Integrated Care Solutions

Improving the health of populations while meeting the growing demand for value-based care

Physicians are at the forefront of improving the overall quality of care across the country. While the tools at their disposal are helping them to make healthcare better, there’s no silver bullet that addresses all the challenges physicians face.

It takes more than technology to make healthcare work: it requires human ingenuity and hard work. Continuum’s clinical and business professionals use their physician billing service expertise and intelligence to tackle challenges head on, and create innovative solutions for an evolving value-based environment. We don’t just advise from afar; we work alongside your teams in close collaboration to move ideas into action.

We teach providers and their staff how to use their existing tools more effectively, transform their clinical operations and improve the lives of their patients. We help providers thrive, no matter how their business is structured, by:

  • Supporting the development of strong clinical leadership
  • Providing decision and patient support technology to empower high quality care
  • Empowering providers to spend more time with patients through top of license training and redefined clinical workflows
  • Improving care coordination for all patients, with a focus on higher risk and rising risk populations
  • Capturing more payments by successfully transitioning from fee-for service (FFS) to value-based care (VBC)
  • Gaining access to additional value-based contracts and succeeding under new payment models including pay for performance, shared savings, bundled payments, capitation, full risk and more
  • Developing better physician billing service strategies by interpreting and analyzing data to identify key cost and utilization trends, clinical gaps, and areas for improvement
  • Strengthening payer-provider relations to create new, collaborative opportunities


By maximizing patient engagement, improving practice workflows, and optimizing the utility of existing tools and technology, Continuum Health helps provider organizations make the right kinds of choices to drive current and future success.

  • Data Analytics & Insights: Providers and other key stakeholders need data to be informed about their success or failure. Covering claims data from multiple payers and clinical data to create network level of care management information, our analytic solutions provide actionable insights to keep providers informed of their progress.
  • Medical Management: Our clinical care coordination is built to offer a value-added care plan benefit that meets the needs of providers, regardless of how their business is organized. We also drive effective practice transformation through best practices that span complex systems of care, risk control initiatives, and patient engagement opportunities.
  • Payer Strategies: Closing the traditional gaps between payers and providers is foundational to our approach. We work closely with payers to help enroll and empower independent physicians under value based contracts. We also use our deep industry relationships to foster the development of strong healthcare networks, thanks to our experience supporting accountable care organizations (ACOs), building clinically integrated networks (CINs), and transitioning independent provider associations (IPAs) into new business models. Additionally, Continuum’s unique joint venture model helps our partners share in the responsibility and rewards of ownership.
  • Technology Platform: We offer an optional, fully supported EHR solution with 4,000 specific content templates, electronic prescribing, patient portal, value-based decision-support and gap closure, care management and reporting capabilities.


  • Empowered care team and practice staff
  • More efficient and effective clinical and business operations
  • Increased quality performance
  • Reduced utilization and lower overall cost of care
  • Increased revenue from value based payment models
  • Improved network and provider alignment
  • Enhanced scalability for future success

Case Study:

Continuum’s Cost of Care Strategy Increases Provider Revenue by 5-10%

The Challenge

A group of internal medicine and family medicine participated in a shared savings program with a commercial payer. The population consisted of adults over the age of 18. The goal of the program was to improve quality based on specific HEDIS Metrics, improve patient satisfaction and reduce the overall cost of care. The initiative required that all practices make a commitment to becoming a NCQA recognized Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) within two years.

Keys to Success

The program utilized a centralized and scalable model of care coordination that included the services of RN’s, a social worker, a pharmacist and support staff. The program was affordable to practices of every size because of this centralized approach, and the care coordination was responsive to individual practices and patients. The interactions with patients ranged from telephone communication to, “Super Visits.” A Super Visit is used for patients with the greatest needs who benefit from bringing the entire care team, patient and family together to manage an individual’s specific healthcare needs.

* Outlier Product Mix Adjusted Global Cost of Care vs. Peers. Results from 24-month period. This case study is intended to provide an example of how an actual Continuum client has benefitted from Continuum's services. Continuum does not claim that the outcome of this particular case study is a typical result, or that it is necessarily representative of all those who will use its services. Continuum expressly disclaims any representations or warranties in relation to this case study or the information presented on this website.