Specialty Care Solutions

In today’s healthcare marketplace, specialists are a vital part of the value-based care model. Since they help heal the nation’s sickest patients, they have the ability to reduce cost while improving quality across the healthcare spectrum.

Specialists face the same challenges as primary care providers when it comes to patient engagement and care management—but their ability to address those issues head-on can drive great dividends.


Captify Health - A Continuum Health CompanyCaptify Health, a Continuum Health company, helps our clients improve medical outcomes for specialty care providers. Based on our years of experience serving gastrointestinal providers, Captify and Continuum are helping to change the way specialists engage in care delivery.


  • Pre-op management and navigation: The stakes are high for pre-procedure management. Practice revenue, costs, and quality of care all depend on successful patient preparation. Captify Health supports pre-procedure patient management with patient education and compliance. We use responsive marketing techniques and robust patient analytics to help all patients complete successful appointments, boosting both clinical and financial performance.
  • Patient engagement and care coordination: Our patient engagement and care coordination services use a variety of modalities to employ the right touch at the right time to maximize results, achieving better health outcomes without unnecessary or ineffective services. We enable patients to successfully engage in and transition along the care continuum though targeted outreach and education. Additionally, our patient-centric procedure approval, prep and scheduling services enable providers to scale their practice resources more effectively and utilize staff more efficiently.
  • Bundled program management and specialty network development: Our value-based enablement solutions combine our population health analytics, network management and patient engagement and care coordination services to support providers, employers and health plan payers who are looking to establish digestive health bundled payment contracts or better manage care episodes for patients with chronic gastroenterological conditions. In addition, our network management services include digestive health network assessments, credentialing development and contracting. Our expansive national digestive health network enables providers looking to establish bundled payment or other value-based contracts by leveraging clinical best practices to improve outcomes and lower costs across specific episodes of care.


  • Smarter pre-procedure management boosts clinical and financial performance.
  • Reduced administrative burden for practice staff
  • Performance tracking through all phases of prep steps
  • More patients complete successful appointments
  • More patients experience better outcomes
  • Improved practice efficiency

Case Study:

Improving Procedure Efficiency

Most practices are initially motivated to let Captify Health (part of Continuum Health’s Family of Companies) take on their patient prep management chore because of our proven ability to improve practices’ bottom lines, front-office efficiency, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Here’s what the COO of this practice had to say about their partnership with Captify Health:

“We hired Captify Health to handle patient communication for two of our endoscopy centers where a total of about 2,100 colonoscopies are performed a month, and the change has been unbelievable. Fewer appointments are cancelled, no-shows have been reduced by half, and we’re saving on postage and administrative work.”

“From many angles, there has been a very positive financial impact, but the biggest impact has been in our scheduling department. Patients with questions about prep now call Captify, not our office. Patients no longer complain that they’ve been on hold for too long because our call volume is now very manageable. Thanks to Captify Health, our scheduling department is operating much more efficiently.”

This case study is intended to provide an example of how an actual Captify Health client has benefitted from Captify’s services. Captify does not claim that the outcome of the particular case study is a typical result, or that it is necessarily representative of all those that will use its services. Captify expressly disclaims any representations or warranties in relation to this case study or the information presented on this website.