Transforming the practice of medicine through intelligent integration.

The Continuum Health Platform
Proven Strategies. Value-Based Growth.

Success in today’s changing healthcare environment requires hospital and health system leaders to move from “grow by being bigger” to “grow by being better.” This shift in strategy requires intelligent, integrated solutions that not only support operational goals, but are immediately relevant, measurable and trackable.

The Continuum Health Platform helps hospitals and health systems maximize health outcomes and minimize total costs to achieve value-based growth through:

  • Development of ambulatory care networks – that they control – including a clinically-integrated network that includes independent providers
  • Building, managing and optimizing a hospital-based provider network, through the implementation of Continuum Health’s Practice Management and Population Health management services
  • Participating in Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models with partners seeking shared saving opportunities.

The Continuum Health Ecosystem

By implementing the Continuum Health Platform, hospital and health system executives can transform healthcare delivery to their three core patient populations – low-risk, rising-risk and high-risk patients. Continuum Health’s streamlined ambulatory care infrastructure offers a, suite of proven, managed services and intelligent dashboards and enables hospitals and health system executives to realize strategic, value-based growth.

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