Continuum Network Development

Driving value-based growth to sustain physician independence

Today’s Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) are increasingly challenged by new reimbursement models that emphasize high quality, accessible care, integrated care networks, and lower overall costs.

To accomplish this mission, many IPAs are transforming from a traditional “messenger model” to a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), allowing its members to successfully participate in value-based contracts. While the benefits are significant, the transition requires a substantial and self-sustaining funding mechanism.

Continuum’s Network Development solution helps IPAs:

Develop their organization: Create a CIN which uses proven protocols and measures to improve quality of patient care, lower the overall cost of care and demonstrate value to the market. By law, CINs must employ a unified data platform to monitor and control utilization of healthcare services, as well as deliver provider performance reporting – all of which requires significant financial and human capital.

Transform practices: Help physicians and their staff adopt new methodologies that help address patient access, quality and cost-of-care goals.

Manage populations: Verify and/or accurately assign patient populations cared for by each provider, identify gaps in care and other actionable insights through robust data analytics, and engage high-risk patients in care management through centralized care coordinators.

Deliver reporting: Accurately track and measure key data for decision-support and payer reporting requirements.