Continuum Population Health

Innovative strategies, measurable outcomes.

Continuum Population Health management services brings a next-generation healthcare platform and strategy to health systems, physician groups, enterprises and strategic partners. This future concept and operational strategy for healthcare and healthcare delivery includes the coordination of care across the health continuum, thereby transforming the practice of medicine and improving patients’ lives.

Continuum Population Health management services enable clients to achieve the Triple Aim and move from a volume-based model to one of value. Clients on the Continuum Health Platform are able to accurately identify at-risk patients and intervene at the “point-of-care,” using evidence-based protocols.

Better care. Enhanced experience. Lower costs.

In addition to optimizing ongoing care coordination and patient engagement, Continuum Population Health management services gives clients access to quality measurements and reporting. This, combined with Continuum’s Interventional Intelligence™,  results in better utilization of services and lower overall costs and ultimately improves patients’ overall health outcomes.

Interventional Intelligence™ Continuum’s proprietary application of Population Health Management applies highly advanced “big data” analytics to a wide range of healthcare data sets to reveal patterns or trends associated with specific cohorts of clinical, socioeconomical, psychosocial, clinically high-risk patients. Based on this intelligence, Continuum develops interventional strategies designed to alter outcomes, improve the quality of care, enhance the patient experience and lower the overall cost of care.

Central to the success of this approach is the ability to develop and manage multidisciplinary networks of care, made possible through the Network Development services of the Continuum Health Platform. From a physician office and urgent care center to a patient’s home, the Continuum Health Platform enables accessible, affordable care that has shifted population health management from concept to reality.