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Case Study:
By the numbers: A Provider Compensation Increase Over 100%

Case Study

By the numbers: A Provider Compensation Increase Over 100%

This Northern NJ three-physician non-surgical specialty practice began working with Continuum in Spring, 2009. Continuum assisted in its transition to in-network status within the payer community, and helped improve productivity and patient workflows.

This practice’s Net Income improved dramatically, and has continued to grow. In four years, compensation per provider increased over 100%. Download our case study here >

Disclaimer This case study is intended to provide an example of how an actual Continuum client has benefitted from Continuum’s services. Continuum does not claim that the outcome of this particular case study is a typical result, or that it is necessarily representative of all those who will use its services. Continuum expressly disclaims any representations or warranties in relation to this case study or the information on this website.

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